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Role Reversal: Turn Pain Into Power

(Book 2)


"Turn your pain into power.
Manage its caustic showers.
From its duress, dare not you cower.
For you know who's waiting to devour
souls that from suffering, have been soured."

Author Candie Ferald is determined to more than survive her addiction, she has promised herself that she will strive despite it. In “Role Reversal: Turn Pain Into Power", Candie confronts the sordid experiences and emotions that led her to seek solace in a lifestyle that nearly destroyed her. Knowing that the devil gains ground in our human shame and silence, Candie does not shy away from her role in her downfall. She bravely uses her journey to illustrate the empowering fact that with faith and fight, anyone can reclaim their life. Candie relays her truths in vivid and breathtaking form.

"I called and asked my mom,
  explaining the thoughts wouldn't go away.
She was shocked and saddened to hear
  I had any traces of that day."
-Excerpt from the poem "6ooooh9".

"There is nothing that is good for you
  that will cause your dreams to die.
There is nothing that is good for you
  for which you must constantly lie."
-Excerpt from the poem "The Recount".

*Excerpt from the poem "Role Reversal".

Excerpts from
Role Reversal: Turn Pain Into Power

Spoken Word Video
"The Nothingness"

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