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Devil's Most Wanted: Resurrection of the FireSign

(Book 3)

Devil's Most Wanted Front Cover.jpg

“It's not our place to judge those
  who always seem against the wall.
Inner peace doesn't happen by magic.
Sometimes, it requires a brawl.”*

The deaths of author Candie Ferald's parents proves a glaring and harsh truth: Overcoming addiction and other destructive behaviors does not provide exemption from future pain and suffering. The peace of mind Candie struggled so hard and long to achieve is more fragile than she thought. With anger and depression once again gaining on her, she resolves to fight.
Candie's chief weapons of spiritual warfare have always been pen, paper, and prayer. She uses them to extract the remnants of her demons before they fully resurface. To accomplish this, Candie digs deeper into her soul than she ever conceived capable.
This results in “Devil's Most Wanted: Resurrection of the FireSign”, a powerful and compelling poetic masterpiece. Each poem is its own uniquely crafted entity. The gripping imagery of each entry is a transport to a profoundly emotional place. The poems are woven together to illuminate Candie's spiritual struggles, growth, and triumphs.

“I might have thought on it sooner
  had I not been getting so high-
  how tragically close we came
  to losing our precious lives.”
-An excerpt from the poem “Killah at the Door”.

“I met patience through this process.
It required that I face all of my truths-
  to craft each and every hardship survived
  into a woman exquisitely new.”
-An excerpt from the poem “Peace of My Pieces”.

*-An excerpt from the poem “Devil's Most Wanted”.

Excerpts from
Devil's Most Wanted: Resurrection of the FireSign

Spoken Word Video
"My Chocolate Palm"

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