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Books by Candie Ferald

Each book is a collection of individual poems woven together to depict my spiritual journey, the good and the  bad.
Click on the respective book cover for more information and excerpts.
Though faith based, these books contain material that may not be suitable for children.
Parental discretion is advised.


Book 1: The Discovery

I am in a dark and near hopeless place, far away from my childhood hopes and dreams. I travel back to my young  beginnings to discover and pinpoint the origins of my some of my issues.


Book 2: The Recovery

To cement my recovery, I more thoroughly explore my underlying pains. I begin to see my role in my downfall. The journey empowers me and strengthens my faith.

Devil's Most Wanted Front Cover.jpg

Book 3: The Fight!

The devil is not done with me. Fortunately, neither is God. The loss of my parents puts my recovery at risk. Never is the time to give up or give in. A fight ensues, one of the spiritual sort.

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